Calculate electrical power usage for your air
(or any other appliance for that matter)
How much power does your electrical device use per day, week, month or year? How much money does it cost to run per day, week, month or year?

Use this page to calculate electrical power consumption of your air conditioner or any other appliance over a period of time (hour, day, week, month, year…). You would need to know either power (wattage) for the appliance or both voltage and amperage (amps).

Below is an example of a plate on an air conditioner.

Air conditioner electrical plate

The plate above, contains more information than you would need to calculate power consumption. You would need the wattage of the appliance (in this case 670 W) only, or both its voltage (115 V in this case) and its amperage (in this case 6.2 A).

You may enter the price in $/kWh you pay to your power distribution company, to determine how much money it would cost you to run the appliance for a period of time.

Please specify the following information for the appliance (air conditioner or any other appliance):
If you know the power in watts (W) for your appliance, you don’t need to specify voltage nor current (amps).
Wattage (power) kW
Voltage V (~120V for the US and Canada, 220-230V for Europe…)
Amperage (current) A - if in mA, divide by 1000 (300mA = 0.3 A)
Power used per hour kWh
Price per kWh $/kWh
Appliance runs for hours per  
Appliance is used for  per year
Total hours to calculate hours
Cost per hour $/hour
Cost per day (24 hours) $/day
Cost per week $/week
Cost per month $/month
Cost per year $/year